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Cetinkaya is a full-service law firm based in Istanbul servicing local and international clients. With extensive expertise in dispute resolution, white collar crime, technology, data protection and IT, the team has a broad perspective with the commercial and technical understanding needed to help you meet the challenges of a fast-paced world. Cetinkaya takes pride in a clear and straightforward approach that helps you to navigate the legal framework of today’s intense regulatory environment. Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit and consistent high standards set by its founders, the team strives to forge close relationships, tailor effective solutions, and to help you meet your long-term business goals.


Areas of practice:


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Cetinkaya is a market leader advising in contentious matters. Regularly acting in high-value and precedent-setting cases, the team has successfully represented clients in disputes relating to construction, insurance, tax, media and a variety of employment and intellectual property matters in Istanbul and Turkey. Alongside numerous commercial litigation cases, Cetinkaya excels in domestic and international arbitration, representing clients in connection with commercial and investment arbitrations while maintaining a network of leading lawyers and specialists around the world. In recent years, the firm’s lawyers have been at the forefront of business human rights litigation, acting for clients internationally and in Turkey. The team also has comprehensive sectoral knowledge that gives an unparalleled insight into industries such as construction, infrastructure, textiles, and food manufacturers that frequently use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.



Cetinkaya provides comprehensive, tailored legal advice, guiding clients’ business decisions and strategies in relation to legal, regulatory and compliance requirements in Turkey. Assisting through all stages of corporate development, across a broad range of sectors, the firm’s strength in regulated markets in Turkey and strong compliance practice ensures clients operate within local and international regulations, and soft laws. Cetinkaya has extensive risk prevention, crisis management, litigation and white-collar crime capabilities, successfully safeguarding a range of corporate clients against commercial risks in Turkey. Recent work highlights include the acquisition of a Turkish technology business by a Swedish company; ongoing guidance for a Turkish construction company’s international projects in countries such as the U.K., Canada and Nigeria; and the restructuring of a software development company in Turkey.


Privacy & Data Protection

The continued development of data protection regulation across the globe has far-reaching implications for businesses processing personal data. How well personal information is safeguarded is critical to success. Cetinkaya understands the data protection laws and the regulatory regime in Turkey and has in-depth knowledge of extraterritorial legislation such as GDPR and CCPA. With considerable experience across a broad range of industries, the firm’s lawyers appreciate the specific requirements of individual businesses, developing long-term practical compliance solutions that not only answer your current needs but also anticipate emerging and future trends, such as privacy by design and cross-border data transfer considerations. Work highlights include issuing freezing orders against cybersecurity fraud on behalf of a leading pharma company and managing a data protection project for a leading Turkish education institution.



Compliance gives organizations’ a competitive edge in a constantly developing global economy. Cetinkaya has considerable experience in creating and refining effective compliance programs for a broad range of industries such as finance, energy, life sciences, insurance, fmcg, and construction. The firm’s lawyers understand both the international compliance environment and the regulatory regime in Turkey, and the requirements of extraterritorial legislation such as FCPA, UKBA, Loi Sapin II and the Brazil Clean Company Act. Recent compliance work undertaken includes the merger of two leading freight management companies and advising one of Turkey’s biggest insurance companies with regard to joint projects with a telecom giant.



Cetinkaya provides a comprehensive range of legal services for intellectual property owners in Turkey, including trademark owners from the food and beverage, entertainment, media, and technology sectors. Advising clients on matters relating to false advertising, unfair competition, trademark and trade dress issues, the firm protects clients in copyright infringement, injunctions, mediations, and settlements. With particular expertise in designer and architects’ rights and in-depth insight into the media and entertainment industry, Cetinkaya also regularly acts as counsel in trade secrets cases and internet-related disputes. Recent work highlights have included advising on copyright transfers for a foreign production taking place in Turkey.