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Harmanci & Partner’s is a multidisciplinary firm with a team of highly motivated young professionals. The firm is based in Malta, catering business to non-EU members who would like to establish their businesses in Malta or Europe.


We at Harmanci & Partner’s have an efficient international team who are fluent in Turkish, English, Maltese, and Italian. We are currently the only Turkish native legal team in Malta that provides exclusive services for our Turkish clients. We are experienced to collaborate with reputable legal firms in Turkey, Europe, Middle East, and Russia. Our skilled international boards of directors are equipped with dynamic business backgrounds to tailor the right solution for your endless endeavors. We aim to offer traditional services in modern ways.


We inspire to connect our network of clients to achieve more together. We support our clients each step of the way throughout their business journey from start to growth. We would like to hear about your ideas and make them happen together.


A Global connection to your future endeavors. Unlock your dreams without limitations. Give back to the world.