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MANZ is a law firm in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that offers companies high-quality legal support. MANZ assists both national and international companies in areas such as the hotel and catering industry, the construction industry, the hotel sector, offshore and consumer electronics.


MANZ Legal is serving corporate clients on both corporate law and civil law issues. MANZ Legal is specialized in commercial civil law, with a particular emphasis on corporate law and (corporate) litigation. We advise and represent domestic and international companies and governmental bodies operating in all sectors and industries.


MANZ is your legal sparring partner and your legal conscience. MANZ’s lawyers have experience in all legal issues that might rise in your company. MANZ can assist you during negotiations and conduct legal proceedings when needed. MANZ can draft your contracts to the very highest standard, from general conditions of sale to complex acquisitions, in Dutch, English or Turkish. MANZ is right on your case.


As MANZ is able to substantially limit its overhead costs, the firm can offer tailor-made services at excellent rates. A fixed price is agreed wherever possible, so you know exactly where you stand.