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Within the establishment and development of regulatory and supervisory institutions in the 1990s, known as Independent Administrative Authorities (IAA) in literature, the legal structure of the economic mechanism has undergone a change in the legal system of the Republic of Turkey. As administrative institutions, the Capital Market Board, the Turkish Competition Authority, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Information Technologies and Communications Authority, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, the Radio and Television Supreme Council, the Public Procurement Agency, which establish administrative regulations and procedures, form a special form of qualified law enforcement regulating and monitoring the behavior of all firms operating in the economy by special laws and secondary regulations on which they rely. Within the development of these institutions€™ expertise and extensive economic activities and having more specialized studies and examining the economic activities in details, it is required that the application of law be a subject to economics-based research and form the law of economics.


Güzel Law Office was founded in Ankara, which is the headquarters of these institutions, to respond to the needs of multinational foreign companies as well as domestic companies dealing with economy law practices in quality legal services with a specialization in a private law firm, by the founder partner Dr. Oğuzkan Güzel. Our office aims to provide legal services with the most experienced and specialized areas of business law and economics consultants in the best quality of law services.