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Samet Çalışkan, Ph.D.

Samet Çalışkan, Ph.D.


Biography Articles

Dr. Samet Caliskan is a Legal Consultant and Lecturer in Law interested in Company Law, Corporate Governance, Competition Law, Tort Law, and Insurance Law.




Ph.D. in Law, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK (2012- 2017)

Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK (2012- 2013)

LL.M. in International Business Law, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (2010-2011)

BA in Business Administration, Gazi University (2004-2008)




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Samet Caliskan, ‘Individual Behaviour, Regulatory Liability, Company’ Exposure to Risk: Deterrent Effect of Individual Sanctions in UK Competition Law’ (2019) European Competition Law and Practice. https://doi.org/10.1093/jeclap/lpz018

Samet Caliskan, ‘Managing Risk: Neutering Insurance in the Face of Individuals’ Undesirable Behaviour’ (2019) 132 The Journal of British Insurance Law Association (in press)

Samet Caliskan, ‘Setting Limits to Risk Management through Insurance: The Role of Illegality Defence and Corporate Attribution’ (2019) 132 The Journal of British Insurance Law Association (in press)

Samet Caliskan and Saliha Oner, ‘Individual Sanctions of Competition Law: Comparison between the UK and Turkey’ (2021) European Review (accepted)