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Born in Ankara, İbrahim Can Narin started his education in Nedret İlhan Keten Primary School in İzmir. After his primary and secondary education, he started his high school education in Bornova Anatolian High School which is one of the distinguished high schools of Izmir and completed his high school life as an honor student. During his high school life, he held many positions within the school, particularly as the Honorary Chairman.


Considered among the best law schools in Turkey's higher education he continued at Marmara University Faculty of Law. During his university education, he gained experience and seniority by doing internships in various boutique law offices and actively participated and supported many social responsibility projects.


He led the establishment of Artı Law Club and successfully served as the general secretary of the club for more than 1 year. He started to work as a trainee in the 3rd year of his education at Marmara University within the Küçükislamoğlu Law Office, which was shown among the prestigious law offices of Istanbul, where he received an offer due to his achievements. In the same year, he graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Law in 3 years and as an Honor student.


Following his graduation, he continued to work at Küçükislamoğlu Law Office and worked as a supervisor, arbitration and legal compliance director respectively. In addition to these, because of his personal development and interest in finance, he took the university exams again and entered Marmara University, Faculty of Economics, with the first degree. In the 6th month of 2019, he was given the title of Partnership due to his achievements within the Küçükislamoğlu law firm and he is still working as a partner in Küçükislamoğlu Law Office.


He Attended many social and legal activities such as “Current Problems in Maritime Trade ”, “Ways to be an Effective Manager “, “Effective Communication with Individuals ”, “Diction and Body Language Training”, "First National Law and Youth Summit ”, “Construction and Real Estate Law Panel”, “Judicial Independence Conference ”, “Forensic Medicine Law and Criminology Panel”, "Information Crimes and Current Developments in Practice", "Drug Crimes and Fighting Methods", "Law No. 6222 on Prevention of Violence and Irregularity in Sports, Problems in Practice and Solutions" and received a certificate. He sometimes serves as an arbitrator at ELSA.


He continues his studies in all areas of law, especially Commercial and Maritime Law and Consultancy, and conducts academic studies.