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Özgün Altop


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Özgün Altop, graduated in Law from Bilkent University in Ankara (Turkey), is a lawyer who lives in Italy enrolled into the Bar Association of Ankara (Turkey) and into the Milan Chamber of Commerce as a translator for Italian-Turkish languages. She persued an LL. M. degree in Intellectual Property Law held by the University of Turin with the collaboration of WIPO and the International Training Centre of ILO.


She is the vice president of the Italian-Turkish Association (ITA) founded in Milan and representative in Italy of the International Trade Association of Ankara, as well as legal advisor of counsel to ITA and the Turkish Consulate and Commercial Office in Milan. She took part in signing of collaboration protocols between Ankara Bar Association and Bari and Brindisi Bar Associations. 


She worked in leading law firms both in Turkey between 2010 and 2011 (Sasa & Sasa and Kırbaç & Kırbaç) and in Italy since 2012 (Studio Legale Franzosi & Associati, Studio Legale Sanzo & Associati) as legal counsel. She is the head of Turkish Desk in Studio Legale Santin Mastelotto in Milano since 2014.


She provides consultancy and assistance in the field of commercial and immigration law, in particular to Turkish companies wishing to invest in Italy and to Italian companies in Turkey.




Italian Bankruptcy Law Specialization Course (2013) 

Turin University - Intellectual Property Law LL.M. (2011-2012)

Bilkent University Faculty of Law (2005-2009)

Bilkent High School










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