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Tuğçe Atlı


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Tugce Atli is an LL.B. graduate of Galatasaray University where she received an intensive and comparative law education in Turkish, French and English.


During her legal practice in Istanbul, she worked at one of the top-tier law firms, Gun + Partners, and dealt with many high maintenance international corporate clients and their complex litigations in Turkey, prepared legal advice, drafted pleadings and attended hearings before the courts. In addition to her litigation practice, she had also participated in M&A projects at Özay Law Office.


In 2016, Ms Atli moved to the Netherlands for her LL.M. education in Leiden University. During her studies in Leiden, she focused on diverse branches of international law including international arbitration, investment law and international human rights law. Ms Atli’s LL.M. thesis addressed the validity and applicability of arbitration clauses in intra-EU BITs under EU and international law, a very technical question at the crossroads of the general international law of the treaties, international investment law, and EU law.


Upon completion of her LL.M., she temporarily worked for the United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (UN MICT) in the Hague and contributed to appellate proceedings in Prosecutor v. Radovan Karadzic and Prosecutor v. Prlic et al., two of the largest and most complex cases in the history of the tribunal.


Ms. Atli is presently assisting international corporate groups structured through the Netherlands in the scope of their foreign investments and involved with M&A deals, project financing and corporate financing.




Istanbul Bar Association (2014)

Union of Turkish Bar Associations (2014)




Leiden University, LL.M. in Public International Law (January 2017)

Galatasaray University, LL.B. (2013)