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Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu

Mehmet Burak Küçükislamoğlu


Biography Articles

Mehmet Burak KÜÇÜKİSLAMOĞLU was born on 21st of October, 1985, in İstanbul. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law with degree in 2008. After having gained various experiences in the field of advocacy, he founded Nesil Law Group in 2010. He got several certificates in the field of contracts law and commercial law from Harvard University, Washington University in St. Louis and İstanbul Bilgi University. He also completed 9-month American Law Programme from Washington University in 3 months and he deserved to get Certificate.


Mehmet Burak KÜÇÜKİSLAMOĞLU is always an active person his work and social life; besides that he participated as a guest speaker on the European Business World program. He took part in the İstanbul Bar Association volleyball team for many years.


Mehmet Burak KÜÇÜKİSLAMOĞLU is a lawyer who is accurate, reliable and qualified, endowed with many advantages enabling the his office to produce best possible result. He works on corporation with domestic and foreign capital. He provides innovative and service-oriented legal solutions for various legal matters in different areas of corporate activity and business transactions. With an integrated group of qualified individuals, he has the commitment, resources, specialists and expertise to help protect and further business interests of the companies operating or aiming to invest in Turkey.