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Ayşe Akçin

Ayşe Akçin


Biography Articles

Ayşe AKÇİN  graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Law in 2010. She is The Founder and Lawyer at Akçin Law Firm in Istanbul, Bağdat Street. Before establishing Akçin Law Firm, she gained institutional experience in one of the leading institutions of Turkey and served as a lawyer and manager in the leading law firms of Turkey.


Her practice includes; Examining Trade and Corporate Law, Movable and Immovable Laws, Consumer Laws, Intellectual Property and Trademark Laws, Labor Laws, Medical and Malpractise Law, Law of Obligations. Preparation of International and local construction agreements, solving tenders stemming from disputes in and finance construction agreements.


Providing practical legal and business advice with regard to a wide variety of legal issues that arise in the context of negotiation, including employment, information technology, intellectual property, data protection and privacy, security, and corporate compliance matters.




  • Yeditepe University, Faculty of Law 2004 – 2010
  • Haydarpasa Anatolian Collage       1998 – 2002




  • Istanbul Bar Association
  • Istanbul Arbitration Centre - Young ISTAC
  • Yeditepe Law School, IP Law Group
  • Yeditepe University Alumni Association (YUMED)
  • TUMBIAD (Head of Law Committee)
  • TurkishWIN


Studies and Researches


  • 2009, Studies and researches in Informatics Law and Informatics Criminal Law, (ICANN)
  • 2011, Studies in Commercial Arbitration; Case studies (İstanbul Bar Association)
  • 2011, “Criminal Measures, and Especially the Secret Research Measures” with Prof. Dr. Yener Unver (Seckin Yayincilik-Ceza Muhakemesi Önlemleri ve Özellikle Gizli Araştırma Önlemleri)


Professional Experience


  • Selek & Gulergin & Unsal Law Firm–Legal Counsel 2013 (December) – 2016(December)
  • Karahan Law Firm –Legal Counsel 2012 (June) – 2013(October)
  • Ates Law Office 2011(May) - 2012 (May) (Internship)


Conference and Seminars Attended 


  • 2004, Conference on “Draft of Turkish Criminal Code”, Galatasaray University Faculty of Law , with collaboration of the Turkish Woman’s Legal Association
  • 2004, Symposium on “Law of Enforcement and Bankruptcy”, Yeditepe University, with collaboration of Istanbul Bar Association
  • 2004, Conferences on “European Law”, Yeditepe University 2005, Conference on “Registered Trademarks”, Galatasaray University with the collaboration of Istanbul
  • 2005, Conference on “New Turkish Commercial Code” by Prof. Dr. Unal Tekinalp, Yeditepe University 2005, Conference on “Judicial Independence and Right to Due Process”, Yeditepe University
  • 2006, Conference on “Dissolution of Marriage and Marital Property”, Yeditepe University
  • 2006, Symposium, “1st and 2ndNational Medical Jurisprudence” , Yeditepe University
  • 2007, Certificate of Law on “Alternative Dispute Resolutions”, Galatasaray University
  • 2007, Conference on “European Court of Human Rights and Turkey”, Yeditepe University with collaboration of Istanbul Bar Association
  • 2008, Conference on “Latest Developments in Human Rights”, Yeditepe University
  • 2012, Certificate of Law on Criminal Procedure, Istanbul Bar Association, Titanic Hotel, Istanbul
  • 2016, Certificate of Registration on Mediation, İstanbul Aydın University (waiting for examination)