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Taylan Çalışkan

Taylan Çalışkan


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Taylan Çalışkan is the co-founding partner of MENTA, Attorneys- at-Law. 


MENTA provides advisory, litigation and dispute resolution services to its domestic and international clients in a broad range of legal matters. As a team member of MENTA, Taylan Çalışkan mainly focuses on corporate law, contracts law and commercial litigation cases.


Taylan Çalışkan received his LL.M. degree in International Business Law from Tilburg University with distinction, with his thesis on the examination of corporate governance models for start-up companies, which, in a digital age, would provide them with effective solutions to enhance and preserve their continuous high-growth potential and agility.


Taylan Çalışkan’s experience allows him to combine economics and finance with legal matters, which is an essential task of today’s lawyers.