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Fadime Kilic Arslan


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Lawyer Fadime Kilic Arslan is the founder of Kilic Law Firm, based in the heart of Amsterdam. Since 2004 she has been working as an attorney, specializing in immigration law, labor law and some specific family law issues. As an immigration law specialist, she advises both private and public clients, both national and international. She has a very broad experience in stay permit requests on all kind of grounds. From business-based grounds to family reunification to labor and humanitarian purposes.


Kilic Arslan succeeded in founding issues like changing Dutch Immigration Law in order to fulfill International Law criteria, as based on the European Association Agreement Between Turkey and the EU. As Lawyer Kilic Arslan experienced in the practice, there is a lot of challenges when it comes to applying the right EU and International Law standards on National Law matters. In this matter, there is a lot of possibilities still to explore in challenging the National Law to integrate International Law, in the benefit of the client. The passion of Lawyer Kilic Arslan is to make this challenging change in order to serve more justice in the national law order in accordance with international law. In the case of the Turkish Bussiness man, this means that the main focus is to advise in accordance with the European Association Agreement between Turkey and the EU.


In addition to this, lawyer Kilic Arslan has experience in Nationality issues, such as dual citizenship possibilities.



Immigration law
Nationality law
Labour law
Family law



Dutch Law (Civil Law), 2002, Vrije University of Amsterdam


Amsterdam Bar Association (2004)



Specialisten Vereniging Migratierecht Advocaten (SVMA)
European Association of Turkish Lawyers (EATL)