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    Ms. Başak Balcı Alper provides consultancy on contract negotiations to companies especially operating in media & entertainment sector. She also provides data protection and privacy consultancy for the information and communication technologies sector, along with e-commerce, financial services, commercial and professional services and media sectors. She provides legal consultancy to a wide range of media & entertainment sectors such as digital media publishers, advertising agencies, publishers of computer games, internet companies and lifestyle companies in their day-to-day operations and regulatory issues. She advises local and international clients including fintech companies and blockchain technology entities in their specific projects and she provides consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and natural persons to collect their receivables in Turkey and represents clients before all stages of national courts.

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    Media & Entertainment








    İstanbul and Turkish Bar Association

    Licensed Mediator


    University of Oueen Mary, UK, LL.M. (International Commercial & Corporate  Law)

    Istanbul Bahçeşehir University, LL.B.

    Foreign Ownership Restrictions Apply to Media Services

    The Turkish Commercial Code requires radio and television broadcasting licenses to be granted to joint-stock companies for providing media services. The shares of media service providers must be registered, and total foreign direct capital cannot exceed 50% of the paid-in capital, but indirect foreign ownership is exempt from this. Media service providers must comply with the paid-in capital requirement, which ranges from 100,000 TL to 8,320,000 TL, depending on the type of broadcasting. For the appointment of a Top Manager and/or Chief Editor, the individual must be at least 18 years old, have a place of residence and permanent residence in Turkey, and meet certain educational and legal criteria.
    Başak Balcı Alper

    Establishment of OTT Platforms Under Turkish Law

    Turkey's growing OTT market requires foreign and local platforms to adhere to digital media broadcasting regulations. To provide on-demand services, companies must obtain authorization from the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) and comply with established administrative and financial requirements. VOD service providers must be joint-stock companies with a minimum capital of 100,000 TL and follow RTUK's sample articles of association. Media service providers seeking internet broadcasting licenses must pay a 10-year license fee of 406,107 TL, with conditional access platforms required to pay 0.5% of their annual net sales to RTUK.
    Başak Balcı Alper