Lawyers Taha Ekmekçi

    Taha Ekmekçi

    Taha Ekmekçi is a senior law student at Istanbul University Faculty of Law. While he has a great passion for law, he has dedicated himself to improving his legal thinking ability throughout his education. Although Taha is particularly interested in banking and finance law, capital markets law, and sustainability, he has also been closely interested in other disciplines to approach legal issues from different branches of the social sciences.

    He has completed his summer internships at YBK Law Firm in Cooperation with CMS and Hergüner Bilgen Özeke Law Firm. Along with law, Taha has gained various experiences in different sectors by working on distinct start-ups and projects. He worked at LawPodcast Media as a global content office leader and product manager and at RadyoHukuk as a project leader for over a year.

    Taha is fond of playing chess and solving geometry problems.