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Çağla Şahin Aksu

Çağla Şahin Aksu

Aksu Çalışkan Beygo Attorney Partnership (‘ASC Law’)

Çağla Şahin Aksu has been with ASC Law since graduating from law school in 2011 and, until recently, was a member of the firm’s Litigation Team.

Çağla moved to ASC Law’s Debt Collection and Enforcement Team in mid-2022, where she manages the Team’s day-to-day operations. Çağla was promoted to Senior Associate in 2018 and became a Partner in 2022.

Çağla handles all manner of dispute matters, including ones arising under commercial, construction, criminal, employment, landlord/tenant, probate/inheritance and real estate law. She has particularly deep experience working with clients operating in the retail sector. For example, Çağla has spent, and spends, a significant amount of her time working with clients operating large shopping malls, assisting them with the drafting and negotiating of nearly every type of agreement they use, as well as, of course, handling the resolution of disputes arising under them.

These agreements include those related to:

(i) the malls’ construction;

(ii) the provision of goods and services to the malls by vendors; and, perhaps most importantly,

(iii) the lease of the malls’ retail spaces.

Çağla is a licensed Mediator under Turkey’s Mediation Act.

Practice Areas & Work Department

Enforcement and Debt Collection

Corporate Law

Real Estate and Lease Law

Administrative Law

Dispute Resolution

Criminal Law





Aksu Çalışkan Beygo Attorney Partnership, (2011-Present)


LL.B., Koç University Faculty of Law, 2011

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