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    Altug is a legal and compliance professional with more than 19 years of experience. He started his career as a practicing lawyer at Ozgun Law Firm and then continues as an in-house counsel in multinational organizations. He served as Legal Counsel and a Board Member in Eastpharma (Deva Holding) then switched from pharma to medical devices in Beckman Coulter (a Danaher company) where he worked as Legal & Compliance Manager.

    Altug continued his career as Head of Legal & Compliance at Sandoz (a Novartis division), where he focused primarily on legal department management, building and fostering the ethical culture and compliance program. Later, he decided to concentrate more on compliance and worked as an Ethics & Compliance Director at Astellas Pharma.

    His practice focuses on third-party risk management, company law, labor law, healthcare regulations, anti-corruption law, employment law, white-collar crime, litigation, data privacy law, compliance, and competition law matters.

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    An Interview with CBC Law Discussing Anti-Corruption in Turkey - Part 2

    Yes. In particular, money laundering-related investigations and prosecutions with the involvement of high-profiles may require extensive cooperation and exchange of information and evidence with foreign authorities. Generally, the authorities contact the foreign public and private institutions through letters related to international anti-corruption cases, asking to freeze the perpetrator’s assets.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    An Interview with CBC Law Discussing Anti-Corruption in Turkey - Part 1

    The cost of non-compliance is great. If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance’, US Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty. This is applicable to all jurisdictions and companies operating in Turkey.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Providing the Greatest Wealth in a Lawful Manner: Medical Tourism and Health Tourism in Türkiye – Healthcare Series 21

    In this article, Altuğ and İdil explore the legal and ethical dimensions of Türkiye's booming medical tourism industry. Covering topics from accreditation and government support to legal challenges and dispute resolution, the article delves into the complexities of this dynamic sector.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Türkiye's Thriving Cosmetics Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Regulatory Insights – Healthcare Series 20

    Türkiye's role as a connecting point between leading European cosmetics companies and the high-demand markets of Asia and the Middle East cannot be overstated. With its geographical location, trade relations with neighboring countries, and a population of over 85 million, Türkiye has a competitive edge in cosmetics and huge market potential. In support of this, Türkiye, which is in the top 30 among the World Cosmetics Importers in 2023, also has an average growth rate of 10% annually in the cosmetics market.[1] While cosmetic products are primarily intended for non-medical purposes, their application to the human body necessitates regulatory oversight within the cosmetics industry. This is essential to safeguard human health and maintain ethical standards in commercial marketing and advertising practices.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Data Violations Cost Health Institutions Dearly

    On August 14, 2023, the Personal Data Protection Board ("Board") released two rulings pertaining to the activities of two separate entities in the healthcare sector, within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law ("Law"). In the first decision, stemming from a complaint regarding the linkage of health service provision by a private healthcare institution to explicit consent, an evaluation led to the imposition of a fine amounting to 300,000 TL on the institution. Furthermore, a decision was made to modify the phrasing that signifies endorsement of the consent form yet creates the perception of aligning with the clarification text. Additionally, a decision has been made to further organize explicit consent texts pertaining to personal data processed within the scope of explicit consent, despite it not being obligatory.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Pourquoi Devrions Nous Avoir Un Programme de Conformité?

    L'Association de la langue turque définit le concept de corruption comme "l'abus d'un devoir ou d'une autorité, un comportement corrompu, un manque d’argent”. Cependant, si l'on considère l'usage global, on constate que la corruption n'est pas un type de crime unique, mais une catégorie qui comprend de nombreux crimes différents, en particulier le crime de corruption. Le Programme des Nations unies pour le développement établit un cadre plus large en définissant la corruption comme l'abus d'un pouvoir, d'une fonction ou d'une autorité publique pour obtenir des avantages privés par le pot-de-vin, l'extorsion, le népotisme, le favoritisme, la fraude et le détournement de fonds.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Beşeri Tıbbi Ürünlerin Fiyatlandırılmasında Euro Güncellemesi Yapıldı

    22 Temmuz 2023 tarihli 7399 sayılı Cumhurbaşkanı Kararı ile Beşeri Tıbbi Ürünlerin Fiyatlandırılmasına Dair Kararda değişiklikler yapıldı. Eklenen geçici maddeler arasında, kan bileşenlerini içeren ürünlerin fiyatlandırılmasının belirlenmesi ve ilaç fiyatlandırmasında %30,5 artışla 1 Avro değerinin 14,0387 TL olarak belirlenmesi yer alıyor. Güncelleme sonrasında geçici 7. madde kapsamındaki 4 TL'ye kadar olan artışlar fiyatlandırmada dikkate alınmayacak ve doğrudan ürünlerin depocuya satış fiyatlarına eklenmesi gerekecektir.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    The Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry's Regulatory Landscape

    The pharmaceutical industry in Turkey has great potential and is notable for its high-tech manufacturing capability. The industry currently ranks 7th in Europe and 16th in the world, in terms of market size, according to industry reports.[
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün

    Yeni Bir Devrin Başlangıcı: Daha Güvenli, Daha Verimli ve Daha Merkeziyetsiz Ethereum "Merge"

    Blok zinciri, geniş kullanım alanları sunarak yeni teknolojiler ortaya çıkarmakta ve Ethereum gibi platformlar sayesinde popülerlik kazanmaktadır. Ethereum, merkeziyetsiz bir aktör olarak kullanıcı dostu ve faydalı konumda bulunup sürekli güncellenmektedir. Merge ve gelecek güncellemelerle Ethereum, kullanıcı kitlesini genişletirken, veri kontrolü sağlayıp merkeziyetsiz uygulamaların oluşturulmasına ve çalıştırılmasına imkan tanımaktadır.
    Kemal Altuğ Özgün