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    • Address: Levent, Şakayıklı Sk. No:10, 34330 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: 90 (212) 401 4 401
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    SRP-Legal Law Office (“SRP-Legal”) provides legal consultancy, dispute resolution and compliance services for its clients in a wide variety of fields, including areas transformed by related technologies, new business models and information technologies. SRP-Legal is best known for legal merits covering state of the art IT and Telecoms Law, Technology Law issues such as Data Protection and Privacy Law, Artificial Intelligence Law, FinTech and InsureTech Law, Blockchain Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Law including E-Commerce Law.

    As SRP-Legal, our target is to provide tailor-made legal, regulatory, policy, and strategic advice that fits the specific purposes of the clients’ requirements and needs. We offer advice to clients on legal and regulatory matters in highly regulated markets and industries, as well as public policy support vis a vis the government in Ankara. We have been acting as the top advisory legal consultants for industry and government on financial affairs from a legal point of view, in particular for technology related issues.

    True to its name, in SRP-Legal, the S stands for Strategy, the R stands for Regulation, and the P stands for Policy. Although many law offices stand on their founding partners’ names, Dr. Ongun always aimed to establish a law office where the most qualified and distinguished lawyers and professionals gather for the same vision. In order to succeed this vision, the law office was named as SRP-Legal.

    As SRP-Legal, we provide pioneering and innovative legal services that go beyond the rapidly changing needs of our clients. In this regard, we actively contribute to organisations that require national and international professional expertise.

    As SRP-Legal, with our solution-oriented approach, we provide a comprehensive legal consultancy and compliance services tailored to the needs of our diverse client portfolio.

    SRP-Legal, with a solution-oriented approach, provides comprehensive legal consultancy services tailored to the needs of a diverse and international client portfolio.

    We are personally/individually committed to our clients, listen to their expectations and needs, and welcome their opinions and feedback.


    • Understand the current and forthcoming needs of clients and know the key factors that contribute to their success.
    • Define the right strategy, utilise ideas that have potential and develop strategies that add value to the business of our clients.
    • Create an environment for the generation of new ideas.
    • Establish efficient and clear communication.
    • Truly recognise progress that makes a difference and collaborate fully with all stakeholders.
    • Question all inputs from our clients to determine the appropriate solutions.
    • Quickly respond to rapidly changing and transformative economic and legal conditions.
    • Always aim for the most viable business results.

    SRP-Legal is well-known and respected in business circles both at a national and international level. Not surprisingly, SRP-Legal’s practice has earned its well- deserved reputation for “excellence in representation”, with many satisfied clients as testimony to that.

    While the interests of multinationals are often represented by local offices of international law firms, SRP-Legal, from its earliest days, has been successful in engaging with well-respected multinational law firms from its base in Istanbul. The result is that clients see SRP-Legal as both local but on a par with international law firms.

    SRP-Legal offers clients applicable solutions to achieve their commercial goals within the applicable Turkish Law. SRP-Legal provides unique client experience, with the motto “Regulating Future”.

    Diversity and Inclusion Statement

    SRP-Legal is a law firm that embraces a culture prioritizing diversity and inclusiveness, while encouraging, defending, and glorifying diversity in its work environment and elsewhere. For SRP-Legal, diversity and inclusiveness are not only good business practice but much more; they are among the key values that are the basis of our corporate firm culture.

    As SRP-Legal, we stand upon diversity and inclusiveness and make every effort to create equal opportunities for each person. That means not discriminating based on race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any other status. As SRP-Legal, we consider and take the pride in, the office culture which we created upon our potential, creative solutions and proud synergy arising from our diversity, as one of our greatest assets.

    We are committed to expand and develop our team with talented and determined lawyers and administrative staff with diverse and high-level education, experience and backgrounds, within the framework of accommodating and supporting all kinds of diversity. In that way, we can provide our clients with the quality of service, leadership, personal attention and integrity they deserve.

    We believe that a team and an office environment which include all kinds of diversity make us more creative, stronger, and effective. We will continue to have an open, fair, and inclusive workplace as part of our firm culture.

    As SRP-Legal, we show our best efforts to provide all our team members with the opportunity to reach their full and best potential.

    Our Office,

    • Creates and maintains an environment of respect for all lawyers and staff,
    • Runs programs to support and mentor diversity,
    • Supports its employees’ awareness of diversity and inclusiveness and respectful approach towards each other,
    • Stands against all kinds of discrimination,
    • Arranges professional and networking opportunities designed to meet the needs of our lawyers and our administrative staff,
    • Works to ensure the rate of retention and advancement of lawyers and staff of different gender and backgrounds, and
    • Ensures that lawyers and staff of different backgrounds, gender and perspectives are represented in leadership positions within SRP-Legal.

    Dr. Ongun, is a Board Member of International Women Forum Turkey, one of the worlds’ largest international women forums, and actively participates in all efforts to support diversity and women’s leadership in all fields, disciplines, and professions globally.

    SRP-Legal’s Founder and Managing Partner Att. Dr. Cigdem Ayozger Ongun is a Founding Member and Ethics Committee Member at the Woman in Technology Association (“Wtech”) which is missioned to offer a broad range of support, programs and resources to advance women in technology throughout their education and career. Through its support to the Wtech, SRP-Legal contributes to the joint efforts to increase the women’s commitment and awareness of technology by enabling them to explore their potential and equality of opportunity and to ensure more women involvement in technology.

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    Technology, Media and Communication, Financial Technologies, Commercial & Corporate, Competition and Data Protection & Privacy
    Commercial & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions
    Trade & E-Commerce, Data Protection & Privacy, Technology, Contracts


    Technology, Media and Communication, Financial Technologies, Commercial & Corporate, Competition and Data Protection & Privacy
    Commercial & Corporate, Litigation, Criminal Law, Public Policy Law
    Commercial & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions
    Trade & E-Commerce, Data Protection & Privacy, Technology, Contracts
    Personal Data Protection, Commercial & Corporate, E-Commerce, Contracts
    Information and Telecommunication, Personal Data Protection, Competition, E-Commerce, Commercial & Corporate, Contracts