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    Foreign Ownership Restrictions Apply to Media Services

    Certain restrictions regarding foreign ownership have been stipulated under Law no. 6112 on "Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and their Media Services". Company Type. Broadcasting licenses are only given to “Joint Stock Companies” established in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code for the sole purpose of providing radio, television, and on-demand broadcasting services. The same company may only offer one radio, one television and one broadcast-on-demand service.

    Çevreye İlişkin Beyanlar İçeren Reklamlar Hakkında Kılavuz Yayınlandı

    Reklam Kurulu'nun 13.12.2022 tarihli ve 328 sayılı toplantısında ilke kararı olarak kabul edilen “Çevreye İlişkin Beyanlar İçeren Reklamlar Hakkında Kılavuz” yayınlandı. Kılavuzun amacı; reklam verenler, reklam ajansları, mecra kuruluşları tarafından gerçekleştirilen ticari reklam ve ticari uygulamalarda yer verilen çevreye ilişkin beyan ve görsellerin ilgili mevzuata uyumlu olmaları konusunda reklamcılık ile ilgili tüm kişi, kurum ve kuruluşlara yol göstermek olarak belirlenmiştir.

    Fan Tokens from a Legal Perspective

    As fan tokens have developed into a tool that enables fans to demonstrate and strengthen the bond they have formed with their clubs, we are witnessing that many sports clubs, both abroad and in our country, have their own fan tokens. In this article, we examined fan tokens from a legal standpoint.

    Hukuki Perspektiften Taraftar Tokenleri

    Taraftar tokenlerinin taraftarların kulüpleriyle kurdukları bağı göstermesine ve güçlendirmesine olanak sağlayan bir araç haline gelmesiyle birlikte hem yurt dışında hem de ülkemizde pek çok spor kulübünün kendisine ait taraftar tokenine sahip olduğunu görüyoruz. Bu yazımızda taraftar tokenlarını hukuki perspektiften sizler için analiz ettik.

    Türkiye E-Spor Federasyonu Ana Statüsü Yayımlandı

    Türkiye E-Spor Federasyonu Ana Statüsü (Statü), Türkiye E-Spor Federasyonu (Federasyon) tarafından Spor Kulüpleri ve Spor Federasyonları Kanunu (Kanun) ve Bağımsız Spor Federasyonlarının Çalışma Usul ve Esasları Hakkında Yönetmelik kapsamında hazırlanarak 18 Kasım 2022’de Resmî Gazete’de yayımlandı ve aynı tarihte yürürlüğe girdi.

    Turkish E-Sport Federation’s Main Statute is Published

    Turkish E-Sports Federation’s Main Statute (Statute) was published by the Turkey E-Sports Federation (Federation) in the Official Gazette and entered into force on 18 November 2022 within the Law on Sports Clubs and Sports Federations (Law) and the Regulation on Procedures and Principles on the Work of Independent Sports Federations.

    Transmission Methods of the Television Broadcasting

    With the impact of developing technology and growing fast-consuming culture, the concept of media is changing and getting wider every single day. The number and the market value of digital and streaming media contents is getting higher in accordance with the increase in investments in this field. While digital media platforms are rapidly replacing traditional media and television, Turkey, which is a very good market for the media and entertainment industry, is rapidly adapting to this change.

    Establishment of OTT Platforms Under Turkish Law

    With the foreign OTT platforms starting to broadcast in Turkey and the establishment of local OTT platforms in the following period, the need to enact and develop the legislation on digital media broadcasting arose. There are several important regulations regarding the way investors who want to provide on-demand broadcasting services in Turkey should apply the following main steps.

    Compliance with Media Sector

    In order to create a legal and competitive environment in the media sector, some independent auditing institutions have been established and these institutions have been allowed to impose various sanctions when an illegal situation occurs.

    Legal Background of Media Regulations in Türkiye

    The media sector in Türkiye is growing and changing with each passing day, just like in the world, and the laws follow these changes. As a matter of fact, there are many laws and international agreements concerning the media & entertainment industry in Türkiye. In addition, some independent auditing institutions have been established in order to provide a discipline and competitive environment in the Turkish media sector.

    Authorization Obligation is on the Horizon for OTT Services

    The new period for all OTT service providers, which provide interpersonal electronic communications services within the scope of audio, visual, written communications provided to the end users or subscribers having internet access, independently from the operators and internet services, through a publicly available software, has started on October 18, 2022.

    Sanction Against Shoe Ad Disrespecting Food

    The Advertisement Board rendered a recent guiding decision implementing Article 7/2 of the Regulation on Commercial Advertisement and Unfair Commerce Practices (“Regulation”) titled “Accuracy and Honesty” and ruling that “Advertisements shall be in compliance with the principles of fair competition which have gained acceptance in both business life and in public opinion within the framework of the sense of economic and social responsibility”