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    Ms Beril Kasap graduated from Bilkent University with an Honours degree in Law. Ms. Kasap has been a member of Akinci’s international and commercial arbitration team, working mainly on commercial, construction and investment cases. She actively works on every stage of the dispute resolution process such as preparation for cases, communications with the funders for potential ICSID cases, drafts of the written submissions and preparation for the hearings. She has attended several hearings including ICC and ICSID cases. Ms Kasap has been admitted to Istanbul Bar since September 2021. Ms Kasap is a native Turkish speaker and is fluent in English.

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    Yargıtay, Tahkim Şartı Bulunan Uyuşmazlıklarda İhtiyati Tedbir Kararına İtiraz Halinde Devlet Mahkemelerinin Yetkili Olduğuna Karar Verdi

    Tahkim şartı bulunan uyuşmazlıklarda ihtiyati tedbir kararına karşı yapılan itirazın hangi merci tarafından değerlendirileceği konusunda Bölge Adliye Mahkemesi’nin dairelerinin çelişkili kararları bulunduğunu tespit eden İstanbul Bölge Adliye Mahkemesi Başkanlar Kurulu, çelişkilerin giderilmesi için Yargıtay’a başvurmuştur.
    Beril Kasap

    The 6th Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation Ruled That The Turkish Courts Were to Review Objections to Interim Injunction Decisions

    The Board of Presidents of the Istanbul Regional Court of Appeals (the“Board”) determined that there was an inconsistency between the judgments rendered by different chambers of the Istanbul Regional Court of Appeals on whether the objection against the interim injunction decision should be heard by the court of first instance that issued the decision or by the foreign arbitration tribunal where the actual dispute is heard.
    Beril Kasap

    Singapore International Commercial Court Released A Model Arbitration Clause

    The Singapore International Commercial Court (“SICC”) has released a model clause to enable the parties to designate the SICC as the competent court for hearing their arbitration-related court cases: “In respect of any court proceedings in Singapore commenced under the International Arbitration Act 1994 in relation to the arbitration, the parties agree; (a) to commence such proceedings before the Singapore International Commercial Court ("the SICC"); and (b) in any event, that such proceedings shall be heard and adjudicated by the SICC.” SICC also stated that this model clause will be a part of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s model arbitration clause. As such, the parties will be able to choose a specialist court to rule on their arbitration-related litigation cases.
    Beril Kasap

    Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute Has Published 2023 Arbitration Rules

    The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute ("SCC") has published the 2023 Arbitration Rules ("the 2023 Rules"). Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the 2023 Rules will apply to arbitration proceedings based on arbitration agreements referring to the SCC which are initiated after 1 January 2023.
    Beril Kasap

    Akıncı Arbitration

    Paris Court of Cassation upheld the investment-treaty award rendered by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which requires Russia to compensate for the losses incurred by a Ukrainian bank, Oschadbank, as a result of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. According to the award, the Ukrainian investor is to recover USD 1.1 billion plus interest from Russia.
    Beril Kasap