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Turning the Turkish Tide on Rising Tactical Patent Invalidation Actions

Filing patent invalidation actions for tactical purposes such as jeopardising patent infringement actions of patent owners and gaining time by complicating the infringement proceedings has become a common strategy of infringers in recent years. This strategy may cause the patent owner to suffer due to the inability to use its patent properly during the limited protection period of 20 years, even if the invalidity claims do not have a solid basis and they are filed on a ‘try your luck’ basis.


Türk Hukukunda Avrupa Patentlerinin Korunması ve Tecavüz Durumunda Zararın Tazmini

"Avrupa Patentlerinin Türkiye'de Verilmesi ile İlgili Yönetmelik"e göre, Türkiye'de seçilen bir Avrupa patent başvurusu, EPO tarafından başvuru numarası verildikten sonra ulusal bir Türk patent başvurusu olarak kabul edilir. Ancak Türk Patent Ofisi'nin başvuruyu yayınlama süresi belirsizdir. Bu nedenle patent sahipleri genellikle Türkçe çevirinin yayınlanma aşamasını atlayarak başvuruyu EPO tescilinden sonra Türk Patent Ofisi'ne kaydettirmektedir. Yönetmelik ayrıca, tazminat talebinde bulunabilmek için Türkçe çevirinin yayınlanmış veya üçüncü taraflara bildirilmiş olması gerektiğini düzenlemektedir. Bu nedenle, patent başvurusu sahipleri Türkçe çevirinin mümkün olan en kısa sürede yayınlanmasını veya üçüncü taraflara bildirilmesini sağlamalıdır.


The Protection of European Patents in Turkey and the Compensation of Damages

The Regulation on the Grant of European Patents in Turkey stipulates that a European patent application in which Turkey is designated is considered a national Turkish patent application upon receiving an application number from the EPO. However, there is no requirement in Turkish IP law to publish the European patent application while pending. To claim compensation for patent infringement, the Turkish translation of the claims must be published or the alleged infringing party must be notified. The statute of limitations for filing a compensation action is two years from the date of learning about the damage caused by infringement. Publishing the translation promptly is crucial to protect rights and claim damages.


Unified Patent Court - How It Will Resonate in Turkey?

The concept of the Unified Patent Court entered the lives of European Patent holders with the UPC Agreement, an international agreement dated February 19, 2013.


“Plausibility” in Turkish Patent Law and Its Impact on Invalidation Proceedings

The concept of plausibility – which has been the subject of numerous evaluations, especially by the European Patent Office (“EPO”) and frequently debated in academic circles in recent years – has not yet found a place within the scope of any legal regulation in Turkey.


Lack of Regulation on Plausibility Attacks in Turkish Patent Law

The plausibility concept in patent law is not yet regulated in Turkish legislation, and there is no consensus on the Turkish word that corresponds to this legal term. However, plaintiffs have started to argue the requirement of plausibility in Turkish invalidity proceedings. The issue of plausibility is particularly important with regard to pharmaceutical patents, as all clinical studies' test data may not be obtained by the patent application's date. Therefore, it is still a subject of debate how much research should be included in the patent application and to what extent post-published evidence can be used. The EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal's G 2/21 decision may bring about important standards regarding plausibility, which will affect Turkish patent law.

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