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Iskin Idil Kunt

Iskin Idil Kunt

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İdil is a versatile lawyer with expertise across various disciplines, serving domestic and international clients. Her focus areas encompass corporate law, contract law, data protection, e-commerce, and internet law, with a strong emphasis on the dynamic financial technology sector.

Before joining CBC Law, İdil held the role of Legal Counsel in a conglomerate-based holding. She played a pivotal role in company incorporations, ensuring compliance with directors' and shareholders' rights, as well as overseeing critical functions such as board meetings.

İdil earned her LL.B. at Istanbul University Faculty of Law and pursued an LL.M. degree at Galatasaray University, further enhancing her legal acumen. Actively contributing to the IT and Technology Law community, İdil is known for her insightful written content and collaborations with other thought leaders.

Practice Areas & Work Department


Litigation & Dispute Resolution



Privacy & Data Privacy



Galatasaray University, LL.M. 2023

Istanbul University, LL.B. 2019




An Overview of Occupational Fraud 2024: A Report to the Nations by ACFE

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ("ACFE"), a global anti-fraud organization, has recently published its 2024 Occupational Fraud Report.


Providing the Greatest Wealth in a Lawful Manner: Medical Tourism and Health Tourism in Türkiye – Healthcare Series 21

In this article, Altuğ and İdil explore the legal and ethical dimensions of Türkiye's booming medical tourism industry. Covering topics from accreditation and government support to legal challenges and dispute resolution, the article delves into the complexities of this dynamic sector.


Türkiye's Thriving Cosmetics Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Regulatory Insights – Healthcare Series 20

Türkiye's role as a connecting point between leading European cosmetics companies and the high-demand markets of Asia and the Middle East cannot be overstated. With its geographical location, trade relations with neighboring countries, and a population of over 85 million, Türkiye has a competitive edge in cosmetics and huge market potential. In support of this, Türkiye, which is in the top 30 among the World Cosmetics Importers in 2023, also has an average growth rate of 10% annually in the cosmetics market.[1] While cosmetic products are primarily intended for non-medical purposes, their application to the human body necessitates regulatory oversight within the cosmetics industry. This is essential to safeguard human health and maintain ethical standards in commercial marketing and advertising practices.

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