Meltem Azbazdar Named General Counsel for Diageo's Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and MENA Regions!

Meltem Azbazdar Named General Counsel for Diageo's Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and MENA Regions!

Diageo, the global alcohol beverage giant (according to the official press release), has appointed Meltem Azbazdar as their new General Counsel for Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and MENA regions. With an impressive background in legal affairs and corporate relations, Meltem brings extensive expertise to the prestigious position.

Her experience in the food retail and alcoholic beverage industry and her skills in negotiation, business planning, and international business make her a valuable addition to Diageo's global team.

She has over 20 years of experience in FMCG and international legal advisory services. Before joining Diageo, Meltem served as General Counsel-Corporate Relations Director at Mey Diageo, where she successfully managed legal affairs, government relations, and corporate communication.

Meltem Azbazdar's expertise and passion for excellence align perfectly with Diageo's commitments. With her appointment, Diageo continues to strengthen its legal and corporate relations capabilities, ensuring the company's bright and innovative future.

What personal and professional skills do you believe are most important for your role at Diageo? Can you discuss the role's challenges and benefits?

As a legal professional at Diageo, the role demands inspiring leadership, versatile legal expertise, and strong commercial acumen to manage complexities in over 60 countries and international teams. Navigating diverse legal systems and fostering collaboration pose challenges. However, being part of a respected global company, celebrating life, and learning from diverse teams present exciting opportunities for growth and success.

In essence, my role at Diageo is not merely about providing legal expertise; it is a constant pursuit of inspiring leadership, strategic acumen, and a passion for celebrating life with my teams every day, everywhere. By learning from my teams, I derive inspiration and insight, fostering an environment that encourages collective growth and professional excellence. As I navigate the complexities of legal matters worldwide, I am resolute in my commitment to bringing value and innovation to Diageo while continuously striving for excellence in my personal and professional journey.

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