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Sevi İslamageç

Sevi İslamageç

Moroğlu Arseven

Sevi assists foreign and domestic companies with a full spectrum of corporate and commercial issues, focusing on corporate obligations, investment transactions, mergers, acquisitions and business establishments. She has significant experience supporting clients to negotiate, manage and restructure their commercial agreements in Turkey, as well as helping them to deal with corporate governance and business structuring matters.

She works primarily in the information technology sector, helping clients on both sides of early stage and emerging growth financing projects. She also assists during corporate establishments or localisations of start-ups and mid-size information technology companies.

Practice Areas & Work Department


Commercial Contracts

Emerging Growth and Early Stage Financing

Foreign Investment and Business Set-up

Consulting, Services and Outsourcing Agreements

Distribution, Franchising and Agency Agreements

R&D, Licensing and Technology Transactions

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Mergers and Acquisitions

Privacy and Data Protection

Product Liability and Consumer Protection






Galatasaray University Alumni Association

Notre Dame de Sion Alumni Association

Convertible Investments in Türkiye

Due to the growth and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the evolving needs of investors and entrepreneurs, the necessity to develop solutions has become inevitable. In the United States, the utilization of SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and KISS (Keep It Simple Securities) structures has been rapidly increasing to meet the demands of the flourishing entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Türkiye’de Pay Opsiyon Planları ve Birleşme Devralmalara Etkileri

Pay opsiyon planları özellikle 1970’li yıllarda çalışanlara özel olarak kurgulanan ve (“Pay Opsiyon Planları”) – (“ESOP”) olarak adlandırılan planlar ile Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde (“ABD”) yoğun ve çeşitli bir uygulama alanı bulmuştur. Teknoloji ve dijitalleşmenin küresel çapta ivme kazanması ile özellikle yeni kurulan girişim şirketlerinin pay opsiyon planları ile faaliyetleri bakımından kilit konumdaki çalışanlarına pay opsiyon sözleşmeleri aracılığı ile çeşitli menfaatler sağlamayı tercih ettiği görülmektedir. Nitekim, şirketler pay opsiyon planları ile kilit çalışanlarına vaat ettikleri opsiyon kapsamındaki hak ediş şartlarını sağlamaları halinde şirkette pay sahibi olabilme ya da pay sahipliğinin sağladığı bazı menfaatleri haiz olabilme imkânı tanımaktadır.


Employee Stock Option Plans and Effects on M&A Practices in Türkiye

Employee stock option plans (ESOPs) are extensively used, particularly in the US, where startups are increasingly using them to reward key employees. These plans grant employees the opportunity to become shareholders or gain share benefits based on set conditions. ESOPs have gained traction in Turkey, benefiting both companies and employees. They play a crucial role in employee motivation and retention. During mergers and acquisitions, considerations like due diligence, deal structure, and tax implications become important. ESOPs can take the form of Direct Stock Options (ownership) or Phantom Stock Options (financial benefits). Tax implications and gains from appreciation also impact ESOPs.

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