Lawyers C. Hazal Baydar, LL.M.

C. Hazal Baydar, LL.M.

C. Hazal Baydar, LL.M.

Moroğlu Arseven

Hazal assists foreign and domestic companies with a full spectrum of corporate and commercial issues, focusing on mergers and acquisitions. She supports foreign and domestic companies through all stages of complex corporate transactions, from project planning and due diligence, through to negotiation and closing phases, as well as project finance matters. Hazal also has significant experience assisting clients to with a full range of corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues, including banking and finance, capital markets, employment, IT and energy law matters.

She has a strong track record supporting a broad range of high profile domestic and international companies, most notably in the energy, technology, financial services, retail, manufacturing, automotive and start-up sectors.

Practice Areas & Work Department

Mergers and Acquisitions


Commercial Contracts

Energy, Utilities and Renewables

Project Finance

Financial Markets and Services

Securities and Capital Markets

Secured Financing

Venture Capital and Private Equity

M&A and Shareholder Disputes

Distribution, Franchising and Agency Agreements

Employment and Labor

Sale and Lease Agreements





International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) – (National Representative)

Due Diligence Process for Turkish Companies – What to Watch Out for?

Legal due diligence (“DD”) is an essential part of M&A process. Legal DDs help the parties in various phases of an M&A process, including ...


Convertible Investments in Türkiye

Due to the growth and development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the evolving needs of investors and entrepreneurs, the necessity to develop solutions has become inevitable. In the United States, the utilization of SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and KISS (Keep It Simple Securities) structures has been rapidly increasing to meet the demands of the flourishing entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Yeşil Şarj İstasyonlarına Yönelik Düzenlemeler Yürürlüğe Girdi

Şarj Hizmeti Yönetmeliği’nde yapılan değişiklikle şarj hizmetine konu elektrik enerjisi, yenilenebilir enerji kaynaklarından karşılanan yeşil şarj istasyonları mevzuata getirildi.


Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu’nun, Doğal Gaz Piyasası Dağıtım Lisanslarına İlişkin Tedbirler Yönetmeliği Yayımlandı

Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu (“EPDK”) tarafından hazırlanan, Doğal Gaz Piyasası Dağıtım Lisanslarına İlişkin Tedbirler Yönetmeliği (“Yönetmelik”) 19 Ağustos 2023 tarihinde yayımlandı ve yayımı tarihi itibariyle yürürlüğe girdi.


Elektrik Piyasası Lisans Yönetmeliğinde Önemli Değişiklikler Yapıldı

Elektrik Piyasası Lisans Yönetmeliğinde yapılan değişiklikler ile piyasa işletim lisansı sahibi tüzel kişilerin ortaklık yapılarında sermayenin yüzde dördünün altındaki değişikliklerin bildirimi zorunluluğu başta olmak üzere Çevresel Etki Değerlendirmesi Yönetmeliği kapsamındaki şartlarda da düzenlemeler getirilmiştir.


New Regulations on Green Charging Stations Have Entered Into Force

With the amendment made to the Charging Service Regulation, green charging stations where the electrical energy supplied from renewable energy sources have been introduced into the legislation.


The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority has Published the Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses

The Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses (“Regulation”), prepared by the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”), has been published on 19 August 2023, and entered into force as of its publication date.


Material Changes in the Electricity Market Licensing Regulation

With the amendments made to the Electricity Market License Regulation, new regulations have been introduced in the conditions under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation, and particularly the obligation to notify changes in the shareholding structure of legal entities holding market operation licenses below four percent of the capital.

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