New Provision Introduced to Decision on Drug Pricing

    On 9 November 2022, the Presidential Decree numbered 6365 Amending the Decree on Pricing of Medicinal Products for Human Use (Turkish language) (Decision) was published in the Official Gazette numbered 32008.

    The following paragraph has been added under Article 2 of the Decision:

    "Discount practices that cause temporary price changes in the country/countries where the product is offered for sale, special practices related to product classification and taxation practices shall not be taken into account for the real source price calculation. Products that do not have a retail sale in the country/countries where they are offered for sale and are offered for hospital use only shall not be taken into account in the calculation of the real source price of the products that have retail sale in our country. The applicant companies shall submit the documents supporting this issue to the Authority together with their application."

    The new clause entered into force as of the date of publication.

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