Regulation on E-Commerce Intermediary Service Providers and E-Commerce Service Providers

    The Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce was amended on 07.07.2022. Accordingly, the Regulation on Electronic Commerce Intermediary Service Providers and Electronic Commerce Service Providers (“Regulation”) was published in the Official Gazette on 29.12.2022. Within the scope of the relevant Regulation, the obligations of electronic commerce intermediary service providers (“ETAHS”) and electronic commerce service providers (“ETHS”), unfair commercial practices in electronic commerce, illegal content, intermediation agreement, electronic commerce license and other issues related to electronic commerce are regulated. Also, certain transitional periods regarding the implementation of the Regulation have been foreseen. The general effective date has been determined as 01.01.2023, except for the provisions with a different effective date below.

    Some important terms and definitions in the Regulation are as follow

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