Decision from BTK: Confirmation Obligation for Internet/TV and Landline Phone Subscriptions


The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) has introduced a regulation on new subscriptions in order to prevent consumers from being harmed by providing incomplete, incorrect and misleading information to consumers who intend to receive electronic communication services. In this context, the “Procedures and Principles on Confirmation Procedures Prior to the Establishment of New Individual Subscriptions for Internet/TV and Fixed Telephone Services” (Decision) was published on the official website of the BTK dated 13.09.2023.

The scope of the Decision covers operators that provide internet/TV and, if applicable, fixed telephone services in addition to these services, which are provided under internet service provider, satellite and cable TV service, cable broadcasting service and satellite platform service authorization and do not involve a change of operator. However, Decision does not cover new individual subscriptions for landline services exclusively.

With the entry into force of the Decision, it has become mandatory to obtain confirmation from the consumer in new subscription processes. In addition, the Decision stipulates that consumers must first make a confirmation call during the new subscription process; afterwards, the same operator may establish a subscription in case the consumer was not contacted previously; and in case the consumer was contacted, this must be proved by the operator.

Pursuant to the Decision, the process of establishing a new subscription agreement cannot be initiated in the event that a confirmation call is not made, a confirmation call is not responded to, information is not provided in the content specified in the confirmation call, or the consumer does not give consent. Decision will enter into force 6 months after its publication in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, it is significant for the businesses within the scope of the Decision to make the necessary arrangements until this period.

You can reach the full text of the Decision published by the BTK here (only available in Turkish).

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