E-Signature Era in Google Drive and Google Documents


An electronic signature (e-signature) refers to electronic data that is attached to another electronic data or has a logical connection with the electronic data and is used for authentication. In this context; e-signature consists of letters, characters or symbols that indicate that information is transmitted in an environment close to the access of third parties, with its integrity intact and by verifying the identity of the parties.

In today’s technology, e-signature, which is used for authentication in transactions carried out in digital environments, is very critical in terms of ensuring security and confidentiality in many online transactions, especially digital agreements. Various applications such as DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat have been offering e-signature support for a long time.

The latest development on the subject came from Google. Google has started to integrate e-signature technology into its products and announced the open beta version of the e-signature feature in Google Workspace. Screenshots shared by Google demonstrate that Docs and Drive users can request signatures or initials from recipients, and the signature date section can be automatically filled in. At the same time, Google also offers the ability to check whether the requested signatures have been received.

Further, it remains to be seen how Google will comply with the e-signature legislation both in Türkiye and globally and what steps it will take in this direction.

You can reach the full text of the announcement made by Google here.

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