CETINKAYA Changes its Name to CBC Law Firm

    Founded in 2020, the previously named CETINKAYA, a Turkish law firm providing innovative legal solutions for its clients with a keen industry focus, has changed its name to CBC Law Firm. The new name reflects the place where the firm was founded.

    The following was said by the firm in the announcement of the name change, which took place on December 21, 2022.

    "CETINKAYA Attorneys-at-Law has been experiencing strong growth in the past year as it deepens and expands its expertise across all of its practice areas and welcome senior and junior lawyers to the firm.

    In light of this growth, and consistent with its inclusive and forward-thinking approach as a firm, CETINKAYA decided to continue as CBC Law, a name that is inspired by the place where the firm was founded.

    As the team moves forward as CBC Law, it remains committed to serving its valued clients with the same level of excellence and integrity that have always been at the heart of its practice