#YoungITATalks Turkey - Global Supply Chains: Navigating Sanctions

#YoungITATalks Turkey - Global Supply Chains: Navigating Sanctions

Hosted by Moroğlu Arseven

Supply chains for many businesses now span the globe – and, more and more, so do international sanctions. Governments have progressively turned to sanctions as tools of foreign policy and national security, enacting sweeping export controls and financial restrictions against an ever-expanding list of entities and individuals. At the same time, the extraterritorial reach of these sanctions has continued to grow. As authorities now look to target sanctions circumvention, sanctions compliance is no longer only a concern for businesses in the US or EU. Sanctions, like trade, have undergone their own form of globalization.

Our event brings together perspectives from practitioners in private practice and in-house, across diverse jurisdictions, as we examine how businesses can navigate today’s network of sanctions. Together, we will be discussing extraterritorial scope and secondary sanctions, vulnerabilities in global supply chains to sanctions and how businesses can manage – and pre-empt – sanctions disputes with trading partners.

#YoungITATalks is a series of local events presented around the world, featuring talks, workshops or interviews that cover a wide range of subjects relating to arbitration. The #YoungITATalks series is designed for education, conversation and sharing knowledge and experiences among young practitioners.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, this event is tuition-free and is followed by drinks and canapés. Please register in advance to help us have an accurate headcount.

This is only an in-person event.


6:00 pm (GMT+3) - Registration

6:15 pm (GMT+3) - Welcome Remarks

  • Fulya Kurar, Moroğlu Arseven, İstanbul
  • Robert Bradshaw, LALIVE, London

6:20 pm (GMT+3) - Session 1: Sanctions from in-house counsel perspective

ModeratorE. Benan Arseven, Moroğlu Arseven, İstanbul


  • Esen İrtem Karagöz, TÜPRAŞ, İstanbul
  • Emre Alpman, TURKCELL, İstanbul

6:50 (GMT+3) - Session 2: Navigating sanctions and their effect on global supply chains

ModeratorE. Benan Arseven, Moroğlu Arseven, İstanbul


  • Maria Fogdestam Agius, Westerberg & Partners, Stockholm
  • Robert Bradshaw, LALIVE, London
  • Roman Zykov, Mansors, Moscow

7:30 pm (GMT+3) - Audience questions

7:45 - 8:30 pm (GMT+3) - Networking drinks and hors d’oeuvres

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