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    Yalın Akmenek is the co-head of the Arbitration practice of Esin Attorney Partnership. Yalın has been an individually ranked lawyer for several years. He provides assistance to his clients on various arbitrations and arbitration-related matters and off-shore disputes and arbitrations. He also acts as a litigator, representing clients in complex commercial disputes and provides assistance to his clients in all fields of dispute resolution.

    His practice includes disputes involving all matters of commercial law and code of obligations, and on matters concerning the enforcement of arbitral awards or foreign court decisions. He has a lot of in depth-knowledge in respect of the issues concerning the enforcement or validity of arbitration agreements or awards and is also a (irregular) visiting scholar in respect of arbitration issues whereby he regularly speaks.

    Practice Areas & Work Department

    Dispute Resolution

    Investigations, Compliance & Ethics







    Admitted to Istanbul Bar, 2005.

    Esin Arbitration Quarterly

    It is time to take a look back at the first months of 2023 and digest the recent updates and developments happening in the world of international arbitration. Recent court decisions present the new trends and shed light to the future of international arbitration.
    Yalın Akmenek

    Yargıtay’dan Kritik Kambiyo Mevzuatı Kararı

    Türk Parası Kıymetini Koruma Hakkında 32 Sayılı Karar’da (“32 sayılı Karar”) yapılan değişikliklerle, Türkiye’de yerleşik kişiler arasında yapılacak birtakım sözleşmeler kapsamındaki ödeme yükümlülüklerinin döviz cinsinden veya dövize endeksli olarak kararlaştırılması yasaklanmıştı.
    Yalın Akmenek

    Supreme Court’s Critical Decision Concerning Currency Control Laws

    The decision of the 12th Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals dated October 6, 2022, with File No. 2022/6469 and Decision No. 2022/9954 (the “Decision“), includes essential remarks regarding the legal consequences of the violation of such ban.
    Yalın Akmenek

    Arbitration Quarterly

    As we enter the last quarter of 2022, changes and developments continue to occur in the world of international arbitration. On one hand, jurisprudence on the different aspects of international arbitration is expanding with the decisions of arbitral tribunals and courts. On the other hand, remarkable developments are occurring with regards to investment arbitration especially due to the monumental changes regarding the protection of energy investments.
    Yalın Akmenek

    New Decision by the Court of Cassation General Assembly to Unify the Conflicting Judgments

    There were conflicting opinions among various chambers of the Court of Cassation as to whether the statement of claim for the actions for the annulment of objections to the execution proceedings should be served to the attorney or the debtor. This conclusion reached in the Decision of the Board of the Unification of Case Law resolved the contradictions. Accordingly, even if the debtor against whom an execution proceeding is initiated objects to the execution proceeding through their attorney, in the action for annulment of the objection to be filed by the creditor, the statement of claim must be served to the principal (the debtor).
    Yalın Akmenek