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Bilge Müftüoğlu has specialised in construction law by mainly focusing on construction and EPC (engineering procurement construction) contracts including FIDIC suite of contracts for infrastructure projects in relation to investments regarding industrial plants (natural gas and crude oil transit pipeline projects, construction of industrial plants, mine site development projects, combined cycle, hydroelectric and wind power plants, energy transmission and storage facilities); as well as construction contracts for superstructure projects (such as hotels and hospitals). In this regard, she has rendered legal consultancy services in structuring, drafting, negotiating construction contracts and project documentation, as well as claim building and management of contractual obligations throughout the term of the projects to local and international investors.

Bilge Müftüoğlu is the sole FIDIC Certified Adjudicator expertized on Turkish law.

She provides trainings for more than a decade to managers, engineers and in-house legal counsels responsible for project management of companies active in the construction and energy sectors on contractual obligations under FIDIC suite of contracts and other construction contracts, negotiation of these and potential problems that may arise during the course of a project’s management. She also provides a training program based on her experience on supply/sales contracts to engineers, in-house legal counsels and other personnel responsible for supply processes and project management at companies, whereby she shares her experience on various types of supply contracts, the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller, the negotiation of these contracts and potential problems that may arise during the course of the management of the project, through real-life based case studies.

Practice Areas & Work Department


Dispute Adjudication Board Membership

Dispute Resolution





Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (2022)

Construction Law Society – Türkiye Branch (2022)

Ankara Bar Association (1991)   

Genel İşlem Koşulu Denetiminin İnşaat Sözleşmeleri ve Tacirlere Uygulanabilirliği Bağlamında İrdelenmesi

İşbu makalede yüklenici veya alt yüklenici firmanın işveren veya yüklenici firmaya kıyasen müzakere gücünün hayli düşük olması sebebiyle kendileri aleyhine olumsuzluk teşkil eden orantısız standart sözleşme koşullarının hukuki niteliğinin 6098 sayılı Türk Borçlar Kanunu (“TBK”) kapsamında düzenlenen genel işlem koşulu olup olmadığı değerlendirilecek ve genel işlem koşulu olması halinde bu genel işlem koşullarının, 6102 sayılı Türk Ticaret Kanunu (“TTK”) hükümleri uyarınca “tacir” sıfatındaki yüklenici ve alt yüklenici firmalar bakımından uygulama alanı bulup bulmadığı tartışılacaktır.


Türkiye’s Green Transition Journey and Effects on Construction Sector

The effects of climate change and increased amounts of carbon emissions in recent years across the globe made it compulsory for the states to take necessary steps to combat it.


“Reasonable” Remedy Period

FIDIC suite of contracts are commonly used by the contracting parties in the construction industry given that it reflects the experience accumulated for more than 60 years, since its first issuance. As is known to practitioners in the field, FIDIC rainbow suit is drafted from common law perspective, albeit it is being used globally also in countries subject to civil law system. Hence, it is critical to determine how these provisions would apply under the governing laws of a country rooting from civil law system.


An Overview of FIDIC 2022 Reprint

In November 2022, Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers - “FIDIC") made a number of amendments in the Second Edition of Red, Yellow and Silver Books with effect as of January 2023.


Saudi Civil Transactions Law

The Civil Transactions Law (“the CTL”) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been issued on 18 June 2023 with the Royal Decree M/191 and published on 19 June 2023 in the Official Gazette. In accordance with the Article 721 of the CTL, the CTL will come into effect 180 days after its publication in the Official Gazette, which corresponds to 16 December 2023.

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