Lawyers Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M.

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M.

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, LL.M.

Moroğlu Arseven

Burcu advises on many aspects of business law, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, corporate transactions, foreign investments, compliance, as well as all types of day-to-day commercial and employment issues which face companies operating in Turkey. She has a significant track record advising clients during their most sensitive and high-risk compliance projects or investigations, where advocacy and negotiation skills play crucial roles, along with strategic planning and conflict resolution.

Burcu pro-actively addresses strategic risk areas during projects and evolving conflicts, developing mitigation strategies which support clients to achieve their desired results.Burcu represents major Turkish conglomerates and international companies during mergers, acquisitions, and corporate transactions. She advises both on buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions in both strategic deals, as well as private equity and venture capital investments.

Practice Areas & Work Department


Mergers and Acquisitions

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption


Employment and Labor

Foreign Investment and Business Set-up

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Emerging Growth and Early Stage Financing

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

M&A and Shareholder Disputes

Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Business Crimes

Anti-Money Laundering

Economic Sanctions

Employment Disputes

Privacy and Data Protection

R&D, Licensing and Technology Transactions

Distribution, Franchising and Agency Agreements

Commercial Contracts

Securities and Capital Markets

Antitrust and Competition

Unfair Trade Practices





International Bar Association

Data Protection Association of Turkey (Founding Board Member)

Transparency International

Endeavor Turkey


Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu’nun, Doğal Gaz Piyasası Dağıtım Lisanslarına İlişkin Tedbirler Yönetmeliği Yayımlandı

Enerji Piyasası Düzenleme Kurumu (“EPDK”) tarafından hazırlanan, Doğal Gaz Piyasası Dağıtım Lisanslarına İlişkin Tedbirler Yönetmeliği (“Yönetmelik”) 19 Ağustos 2023 tarihinde yayımlandı ve yayımı tarihi itibariyle yürürlüğe girdi.


The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority has Published the Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses

The Regulation on Measures Regarding Natural Gas Market Distribution Licenses (“Regulation”), prepared by the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EMRA”), has been published on 19 August 2023, and entered into force as of its publication date.


5 Years of Best Practice in Competition – Türkiye

We are pleased to release Moroğlu Arseven’s 5 Years of best practice in competition law. This publication aims to offer a comprehensive overview on competition law trends of Türkiye and landmark decisions as there were important developments between the years 2018-2022.Topics covered include: (i) information on the Turkish Competition Authority’s increased information gathering powers and jurisdiction in light of its recent decisional practice, (ii) developments regarding recently introduced commitment and settlement procedures, (iii) the headline figures from 2018-2022, (iv) significant decisions of the Competition Board, and (v) information on current as well as upcoming legislative developments.


The Decision of Turkish Constitutional Court Regarding the Amendments to Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition

The Turkish Constitutional Court (TCC) has made a significant decision regarding the amendments to the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition through the Law No. 7246. The decision provides insights into the balance between the constitutional rights granted to undertakings and the obligations imposed on the Turkish Competition Authority. The TCC evaluated the annulment request filed by deputies under three categories: amendment of Article 9 regarding structural remedies, amendment of Article 15 concerning on-site inspections, and amendments regarding the status and appointment of Authority personnel. The TCC ruled that the amendments related to structural remedies and on-site inspections were in line with the principles of legality, legitimate purpose, and proportionality. However, the amendments regarding personnel status and appointment were annulled for being incompatible with the Constitution. This decision establishes a balance between regulatory powers and fundamental rights, leaving room for potential scrutiny of future laws and amendments.


Corporate and M&A in Turkey

Technology start-ups in Türkiye have been around since the 1980s with e-mail and internet provider companies. However, it took several decades for the market to develop to a point where it could attract global-scale investments.

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