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Tolga Danışman

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Tolga Danışman is a leader in our Dispute Resolution practice group. Mr. Danışman has extensive experience in adversarial proceedings and has a reputation for turning his adversaries’ strengths against them. Mr. Danışman understands the commercial and reputational concerns of his clients, and is known for providing results-focused representation, whether at the negotiation table or in the courthouse.

A licensed mediator, Mr. Danışman’s practice focuses primarily on international and domestic commercial litigation and arbitration in multiple industries, as well as high-profile white-collar defense. Mr. Danışman is lead counsel on some of Turkey’s highest-profile court cases.

Practice Areas & Work Department

Dispute Resolution

White Collar & Investigations

Corporate Support




Turkish Ministry of Justice Mediator’s Registry, Licensed Mediator

International Bar Association (IBA)

European Law Students Association (ELSA) Turkey Chapter Founding Member

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği (TKYD)

Transnational Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide - Volume 1

At the founding of the Republic, the Turkish legal system was primarily based on the legal system of Continental Europe. Over time, it developed into a unique system using the written multi-layered legislative framework of the Turkish Constitution, statutory codes, and secondary legislation as the primary sources of law. The interpretation of these primary sources of law by the courts depends heavily on both expert academic interpretation in theory and court precedents in practice as persuasive authorities. Certain controlling high court decisions also carry the force of law.


An Introduction to Dispute Resolution

The overburdened justice system in Turkey has led to delays and challenges for litigants seeking justice. To address this, Turkey has implemented mandatory mediation as a gatekeeping device before certain lawsuits can be filed. Mediation helps reduce the demand for court-dealt justice by raising transaction costs and facilitating dispute resolution. Turkey has gradually expanded the scope of mandatory mediation to include various types of disputes. However, there are challenges, such as repeating mediation attempts and added logistical hurdles for complex claims. While mediation has kept disputes out of courts, systemic problems underlying the congestion need to be addressed for a lasting solution.

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