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    Zeynep Tor has been with the Firm since 2007, where she has worked in all areas of corporate and commercial law. She has garnered experience, especially in mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures in regulated sectors covering a wide range of sectors including e-commerce, energy, and lottery. She has also assisted our clients in long term energy infrastructure projects with her unique knowledge of the one-of-a-kind intergovernmental agreement model. Zeynep Tor is highly praised for her command of the sectoral nuances and priorities, and her fast coordination and effective communication skills play a key role in multi-party/jurisdictional and complex transactions. Her communication capabilities and sectoral knowledge allow her to efficiently reflect the clients’ priorities in the legal documentation.

    Tor has recently assumed a lead role in an international hospitality and real estate development project abroad where our firm acted as the lead legal coordinator.

    Practice Areas & Work Department

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Real Estate

    Infrastructure & Project Finance

    Corporate Support




    International Law Institute (ILI), Istanbul Chapter

    TWEA (Turkish Wind Energy Association)

    Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 - Part 4

    While Türkiye has experienced its share of problems following the global lockdowns in response to the fight against COVID-19 and the global tensions caused by the invasion of Ukraine, the energy market is, and will remain, a top priority from Türkiye’s strategic perspective. Considering the country’s potential for growth, it is expected that Türkiye’s energy use will grow by 50% over the next decade. The Turkish market is eager and eligible for new investments that will feed into the country’s increasing energy demand. This need, coupled with the Turkish government’s appetite for converting the country into an energy hub, will accelerate developments in the oil and gas sector in Türkiye.
    Zeynep Tor

    Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 - Part 3

    Applications for downstream oil and natural gas licences can only be filed by Turkish companies. That said, there is no limitation that prevents a Turkish licensee company from being wholly or partly owned by foreign individuals and/or legal entities.
    Zeynep Tor

    Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 - Part 2

    According to the Petroleum Market Law and the Natural Gas Market Law, a licence is required in order to perform market activities regulated under such legislation. Licence applications are made to EMRA. Licensees are entitled to benefit from the expropriation process if required by the licensed activities. Please see 3.11 Third-Party Access to Infrastructure for details on the legal framework for expropriation.
    Zeynep Tor

    Energy: Oil & Gas 2023 - Part 1

    Under the Turkish Petroleum Law No 6491, the term “petroleum” includes crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum resources in Türkiye are owned by, and are at the disposal of, the state. However, upstream interests are granted by way of licences with definite terms. In such cases, exploration licence and production lease holders must pay the state a one-eighth share (12.5%) as royalty for petroleum produced from an exploration or production area.
    Zeynep Tor