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    Alper Law Office is an independent full service boutique law firm based in Istanbul primarily focuses on business law and corporate legal practice.

    Alper Law Office specializes in high-end legal advice on complex matters in the areas of media & entertainment and represents clients operating in entertainment, media and advertising industries and other content providers who produce, license, acquire, use and invest in film, television, music and digital content sectors for worldwide distribution.

    Alper Law Office provides legal assistance to advertising and media investment agencies in drafting and negotiating advertising, media buying and planning, production licensing contracts, social media management, digital performance marketing and advertising services contracts.

    Clients are leading “media companies such as television stations, digital media publishers including VOD platforms, film producers, rights traders, book and magazine publishers, advertising agencies, publishers of computer games, internet companies and lifestyle companies”.

    Alper Law Office (i) advised a digital platform (over-the-top content platform)  and drafted the internal and external production contracts and managed the negotiation processes with production companies, directors, screenwriters, actors and line producers; (ii) advised a production company on “Broadcasting and Production Agreements of TV formats” produced and broadcasted for leading international TV channels and attended to the contract negotiations in United States, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, Hungary and Romania; (iii) advised TV channels on various broadcasting and contractual matters and (iv) also acted as “Production Legal Counsel” for a TV Show produced in Dominican Republic.

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    Foreign Ownership Restrictions Apply to Media Services

    Certain restrictions regarding foreign ownership have been stipulated under Law no. 6112 on "Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and their Media Services". Company Type. Broadcasting licenses are only given to “Joint Stock Companies” established in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code for the sole purpose of providing radio, television, and on-demand broadcasting services. The same company may only offer one radio, one television and one broadcast-on-demand service.
    Onur Alper
    Başak Balcı Alper

    Transmission Methods of the Television Broadcasting

    With the impact of developing technology and growing fast-consuming culture, the concept of media is changing and getting wider every single day. The number and the market value of digital and streaming media contents is getting higher in accordance with the increase in investments in this field. While digital media platforms are rapidly replacing traditional media and television, Turkey, which is a very good market for the media and entertainment industry, is rapidly adapting to this change.
    Onur Alper

    Establishment of OTT Platforms Under Turkish Law

    With the foreign OTT platforms starting to broadcast in Turkey and the establishment of local OTT platforms in the following period, the need to enact and develop the legislation on digital media broadcasting arose. There are several important regulations regarding the way investors who want to provide on-demand broadcasting services in Turkey should apply the following main steps.
    Onur Alper
    Başak Balcı Alper

    Compliance with Media Sector

    In order to create a legal and competitive environment in the media sector, some independent auditing institutions have been established and these institutions have been allowed to impose various sanctions when an illegal situation occurs.
    Onur Alper
    Dilşad Karakuş

    Legal Background of Media Regulations in Türkiye

    The media sector in Türkiye is growing and changing with each passing day, just like in the world, and the laws follow these changes. As a matter of fact, there are many laws and international agreements concerning the media & entertainment industry in Türkiye. In addition, some independent auditing institutions have been established in order to provide a discipline and competitive environment in the Turkish media sector.
    Onur Alper
    Dilşad Karakuş