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    Murat SAYIN, the founding partner of Sayin Law & Consulting is an Istanbul based (incorporated) full-service law firm offering high quality and solution oriented legal service in a professional business manner to corporations, individuals and investors operating across a broad range of industries. Murat SAYIN completed bachelor's level at Marmara University. He also has a PhD in International Commercial Law and a master's degree in European Union law. Murat SAYIN worked in companies active in the energy sector throughout his professional life as in-house legal counsel. He worked as a Legal in-house counsel, dealt with the court cases and execution files, engaged in the M&A projects of the energy companies, executed an active role in the daily legal consulting of the companies and especially in the disputes and negotiations within the scope of the energy market legislation and practice. He also has an intensive experience with relataled to energy legislation and also EMRA relations. Soon after his working for the energy companies as an in house legal counsel, Atty. Murat SAYIN has established Sayin Law & Consulting in order to serve the clients from a professional legalapproach of energy. Sayin Law & Consulting provides professional legal services to many clients which are active in Turkish and international energy market.

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