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    Engin Sokullu who joined Özay Law Firm in 2015 provided services to national and international companies in fields of Contracts Law, dispute resolution, Commercial Law and Law of Obligations in Turkish and English languages, mainly in the field of Labor and Social Security Law, and he has been working as the head of Labor Law department for a long time. Engin Sokullu who is experienced in Labor Law disputes has also joined collective labor agreement negotiations.

    Engin Sokullu, who was completed his master’s degree in the field of Private Law at Marmara University, wrote his graduation project on “Material Change in Working Conditions” again in the field of Labor Law.

    Engin Sokullu, who believes that providing legal services after closely knowing the client will create difference and who emphasize the importance of preventative law, provides the clients interactive Labor Law trainings customized according to the clients’ fields of operation, job descriptions of employees and concrete problems, cooperates with various associations and organizations and organizes trainings with large participation.

    Engin Sokullu also holds expert and mediator certificate.

    Practice Areas & Work Department

    Labor & Social Security Law

    Contracts Law

    Dispute Resolution


    Criminal Law


    English (Advanced)

    German (Beginner)


    Istanbul Bar Association and Union of Turkish Bar Associations

    The Association of Attorneys of Beşiktaş Fans (Founder Member)

    Yeditepe University Alumni Association

    Sosyal Sigortalar ve Genel Sağlık Sigortası Kanunu ile 375 Sayılı Kanun Hükmünde Kararnamede Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun ile Getirilen Yenilikler

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    Nihat Engin Sokullu

    Evaluation of Saturday in the Use of Annual Leave

    Annual paid leave is a right to rest that derives its source from the Constitution and its principles are regulated in the Labor Code and the Regulation on Annual Paid Leave. In Article 53 of the Labor Code, the conditions for entitlement to annual leave and the minimum number of days are determined, and despite the regulation based on the code, there are still problems that confront the employee and the employer in practice and are subject to disputes. In practice, it is seen that Saturdays are also counted as annual leave days and this issue will be examined in this article.
    Nihat Engin Sokullu

    Evaluation of the Geographical Limitation Requirement of the Prohibition of Competition Clause in the Light of the Decisions of the Court of Cassation

    The Court of Cassation, especially in the recent period, has significantly valued Article 445/2 of the TCO, and in order to ensure the balance of interests that the legislator aims to achieve, the non-competition clauses in the agreements are adjusted in terms of duration and limitations according to the circumstances of the particular case, the gain and potential danger possibilities of the parties. Considering the recent and contradictory decisions of the same chamber, we would like to express that we strongly believe that it is beneficial to agree on non-competition clauses in accordance with Articles 444 and 445 of the TCO from the outset.
    Nihat Engin Sokullu