Evaluation of Saturday in the Use of Annual Leave

    Annual paid leave is a right to rest that derives its source from the Constitution and its principles are regulated in the Labor Code and the Regulation on Annual Paid Leave. In Article 53 of the Labor Code, the conditions for entitlement to annual leave and the minimum number of days are determined, and despite the regulation based on the code, there are still problems that confront the employee and the employer in practice and are subject to disputes. In practice, it is seen that Saturdays are also counted as annual leave days and this issue will be examined in this article.

    Article 53 of the Labor Code stipulates that annual paid leave shall be granted to employees who have worked for at least one year, including the probationary period, from the day they start working at the workplace, that the right to annual paid leave cannot be waived, and that the period of annual paid leave to be granted to employees shall

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