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    Sena focuses on intellectual property matters, including trademarks, domain names, unfair trade practices and copyrights. He assists clients with all aspects of protecting, enforcing and commercializing these rights. Sena supports during intellectual property litigation, software copyright conflicts, domain name disputes, as well as during comprehensive anti-counterfeiting projects.

    He regularly assists foreign clients to plan and carry out market clean-up projects in Turkey, covering all aspects of criminal lawsuits, raids, and seizures of counterfeit goods. He also supports with a range of activities at customs points, enabling clients to actively intercept infringing products while they are in transit. He has supported many well-known brands during intellectual property conflicts.

    Practice Areas & Work Department

    IP Litigation


    Unfair Trade Practices


    Domain Names and Internet Infringement

    IP Portfolio Management





    Avrupa Komisyonu, 2023 yılı Fikri Mülkiyet Haklarının Üçüncü Ülkelerde Korunması ve Uygulanması Raporu’nu yayımladı

    Rapor, fikri mülkiyet haklarının korunmasına ilişkin sorunların kapsamına ve sürekliliğine göre ülkeleri kategorize etmektedir. 2020 yılı raporunda olduğu gibi, Çin öncelikli ülkeler listesinin birinci kategorisini oluştururken, Türkiye de fikri mülkiyet haklarının korunması ve uygulanması konusunda ciddi sistemik sorunlar bulunan ülkeler olarak değerlendirilen ikincil öncelikli ülkeler kategorisinde yer almaya devam etmektedir.
    Sena Yaşaroğlu

    The European Commission has published its Report on the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries for the Year 2023

    The EU Commission published the 2023 Report on the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries. The report categorizes countries based on their IP rights protection. Turkey remains in the second category with serious systemic problems in IP protection. Turkey is mentioned as a source country for counterfeits and a transit hub from China to Europe. Concerns include inconsistent practices against transit goods, limited ex-officio actions, and ineffective enforcement against online piracy. The report highlights progress in trademark protection but raises concerns about trademark processes, copyright law, and privacy protection. The EU Commission plans to address these issues through workshops and working group meetings.
    Sena Yaşaroğlu