Lawyers Beyza Erdemir

    Beyza Erdemir

    Beyza Erdemir is an ambitious senior law student at Istanbul University.

    Since she started the faculty of law, she has been involved in teamwork. She has worked at ILSA Istanbul for four years and was the editor-in-chief for the 13th edition of Opinio Iuris, published by ILSA Istanbul. The journey she started as a committee member continues as the current President of ILSA Istanbul. Along with her internship in law firms like Aksan and DERIS up in her sleeve, she is also an INTA member. In addition, she has participated in numerous volunteering activities and social responsibility projects.

    On top of that, she is advanced in English and upper-intermediate in German. While learning German, she participated in exchange programmes in Germany.

    She is eager to learn new horizons on Intellectual Property Law and the law itself.