Temporary (Secondment) Employment Relationship in Labor Law and Responsibilities of Employers

    Today, the developing economy and diversifying forms of investment or employment bring about new needs. The organization of workplaces under one roof but under different legal entities reveals the existence of new institutions in terms of labor law. ''Temporary (Secondment) Labor Relationship'' is one of these institutions.

    Temporary (Secondment) employment relationship is a new type of contract regulated under Article 7 of the Labor Law No. 4857. This relationship is defined as the employment relationship established by the employer (lender) placing the performance of work of an employee at the disposal of another employer (borrower) for a certain and temporary period of time, provided that the consent of the employee is obtained. From another perspective, a temporary employment relationship is a situation in which employers provide the labor force they need for the production of goods and services in their workpl

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